I've always loved creating things

My passion for building websites, understanding design patterns, and creating new ways to better improve UI and UX has allowed me to find my niche in frontend development. Outside of work, I love to read science fiction, play softball, exercise, and bake desserts.

Age 3
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Age 3

I got my first sketchbook

Work Experience


  • Led the web effort to move Search on LinkedIn to a new API (Ember, Handlebars, Sass)
  • Led the effort to address Search web accessibility issues to achieve Grade C Certification (certificate granted 2/25/19)
  • Joined the platform code review group that approves all code changes made to linkedin.com
  • Joined the documentation review group that approves all changes made to the linkedin.com web docs
  • Member of the Intern Hiring Committee, the UI Engineer Interview Question Working Group, and the linkedin.com Documentation Working Group


  • Worked on the web frontend for the redesign of the linkedin.com product (Ember, Handlebars, Sass)
  • Partnered with Bing to add Bing powered ads to search result pages
  • Worked to improve Search site speed metrics via lazy loading, occlusion culling, and prefetching
  • Led the CSS methodology migration to BEM for the Search team and learned lots about CSS at scale
  • Became an Accessibility Champion for Search by taking required courses and fixing accessibility bugs in several LinkedIn products


  • Designed and built an interactive frontend prototype for a website where car manufacturers can view performance analytics and manage their TrueCar experience (Ruby on Rails, Sass, HTML)
  • Won the intern award for “Best Overall Execution”


  • Helped style and design the web application of BeamIt (Sass and Jade)
  • Helped build the promotional website for BeamIt
  • Cooliris was acquired by Yahoo in November of 2014